Unbalance is a leading cause of damage in rotating equipment. The stress overtime caused by imbalance leads to early failure and unnecessary downtime. Common causes of imbalance include: looseness, thermal changes, tooling changes, maintenance repairs, bent shafts, bowed shafts, and product build up (found commonly in blowers, compressors, and fans). Imbalance can also be an indicator of old equipment caused by corrosion or erosion of the bearings, rotors, or seals.

Everything from belt pulleys, fans, ventilators, couplings, compressors, blowers, motors, and other rotating equipment can benefit from being balanced.

GTI has a balancing solution to meet any equipment maintenance and repair need.BalancePro100WhiteBackground

GTI has two applications optimized for the type of balancing required. BalancePro is available both in a field balancing version, as well as, a machine shop
version. Both applications feature full reporting with easy email sharing and an intuitive guided step by step to make balancing simple for anyone.

Also available from GTI are balancing machines with an integrated iPad running BalancePro. Whatever the need GTI has a BalancePro solution for you.





BalancePro Field
BalancePro Shop
BalancePro Force                         BalancePro 100 Stand                  BalancePro 660 Stand
Single and Dual Channel Field Balancing
Single and Dual Channel Shop Balancing
Single and Dual Channel Hard Bearing Balancing
Up to 100 lb capability
Up to 660 lb capability






Reports Done By Real People In the Field

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