GTI’s USB Digital Accelerometer is a high-resolution, wide-frequency Piezoelectric accelerometer with a special cable for full integrated digital data acquisition. Taking quality,  reliable vibration measurements is as simple as recording audio input in a PC, phone or tablet through a simple USB connection. GTI’s Accelerometer serves as a high fidelity tool for the industrial, test, and app specific markets.

GTI USB Cross-Platform Accelerometer with iPad mini running VibeRMS

GTI USB Cross-Platform Accelerometer with iPad mini running VibeRMS

  • Piezoelectric for state of the art accuracy and wide dynamic range
  • Various sensitivities available: 100 mV/g, 50 mV/g, and 25 mV/g
  • Measurement Range*: ±20 g
  • Frequency Range (±3 dB)*: 96 to 600000 cpm
  • Resonant Frequency*: 1500 kcpm
  • Broadband Resolution (1 to 10000 Hz)*: 1.5 mg
  • Temperature Range*: -65 to +250 °F
  • Use with wide variety of software (compatible with GTI’s VibeRMS for iPhone or iPad)
  • Record vibration data via laptop, phone or tablet
  • Works with any modern operating system including: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and macOS
  • No DAQ box needed
  • Accelerometer not integrated with electronics to enable changing accelerometer simple
  • Design also ensures electronics will not be damaged by heat or vibration
  • Compact accelerometer size (smaller than many of the competitors)

*Specifications vary based on sensitivity (specs listed based on 100 mV/g accelerometer)

Compatible Software

Microsoft Windows

  • Multi-Instrument by Virtins Technology
  • SpectraPLUS-SC by Pioneer Hill Software LLC
  • SpectraPLUS-RT by Pioneer Hill Software LLC
  • ME’Scope by Vibrant Technology
  • Accelerometer Tool by Christian Zeitnitz

Apple iOS

  • VibeRMS by GTI Predictive Technology, Inc.
  • SignalScope Pro for iOS by Faber Acoustical
  • VibroChecker Pro by Ace Controls, an SKF Group Company
  • Vibration by Diffraction Limited Design LLC
  • iVibraMeter by Motionics, LLC
  • Vibra Test Pro by Motionics LLC
  • TwistedWave Recorder by TwistedWave

Google Android

  • USB Audio Recorder by Daniel Sobe & Dr. Jordan Design
  • Spectrum Analyser by Keuwlsoft
  • Spectrum Analyzer by Raspberrywood
  • WavePad Sound Editor by NCH Software

Apple macOS

  • SignalScope Pro 3.0 by Faber Acoustical
  • TwistedWave Recorder by TwistedWave
  • WavePad Sound Editor by NCH Software