GTI Predictive Platform Overview
GTI Predictive Services Brochure


Advanced Route Data Collection and Analysis
Route Data Collection and Analysis
Web-Based Vibration Data Analysis featuring VibeProPulse
True Phase Measurement using Tachometer Input
Two Channel Phase Measurement
Asset Documentation and Certification
Compare Resonance to Running Speed
Bluetooth Sensor

Online Condition Monitoring

Permanent Mount Accelerometer
Permanent Mount Accelerometer Starter Kit





BalancePro Field
BalancePro Shop
BalancePro Force                         BalancePro 100 Stand                  BalancePro 660 Stand
Single and Dual Channel Field Balancing
Single and Dual Channel Shop Balancing
Single and Dual Channel Hard Bearing Balancing
Up to 100 lb capability
Up to 660 lb capability

Available for hard and soft bearings


Shaft Alignment

GTI Shaft Alignment


Other Predictive Products

Infrared Thermography


GTI Hardware:

    CAT Engine Commissioning app
    2-Axis Wireless Accelerometer
    2-channel Wired Data Acquisition Box

Wired permanent mount accelerometers




VibePro 7 (English)
VibePro 7 (Spanish)
VibeRMS (English)
VibeRMS (Spanish)


Top Six Tactics
Windows 3rd Party Software Compatibility Guide