16 February 2017; GTI Predictive Technology is proud to announce the next generation USB Digital Accelerometer. This product provides a major leap forward from other USB accelerometers in the market.

GTI’s USB Digital Accelerometer features a compact design and industry leading price. GTI designed this sensor to ensure longevity and continued accuracy by placing the delicate onboard electronics in a protective insulated connector rather than the vibrating accelerometer.

The USB Digital Accelerometer supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS with a wide variety of different apps and software solutions including GTI’s VibeRMS app for iPhone and iPad. GTI’s sensor features a resonant frequency up to 25 kHz, and uses a Piezoelectric sensor for optimal data capture accuracy and range.

GTI’s USB Digital Accelerometer is available now. Three different sensitivity options are available (25, 50, and 100 mV/g). Pricing and additional information can be obtained by contacting GTI Predictive Technology at info@gtipredictive.com or calling us at (888) 473-9675.


About GTI Predictive Technology
Changing Predictive Technology: Founded in 1997, GTI Predictive Technology brings their experience in asset monitoring and repair to the predictive maintenance industry. Our passion for helping others through predictive maintenance allows us to continue to improve our products based on real customer demand.