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BorgWarner’s reliability maintenance expert, David Stancil, presented a case study at the CBM Conference on the practical application of vibration monitoring strategies for machine tool programs. He discussed his experience applying the strategies and technologies and explained how manufacturers can save as much as $27,000. By trending machine performance data technicians can catch problems early and opt to perform high-quality rebuilds instead of full-unit replacements.  

His presentation concluded that by removing the spindle when the vibration levels are in the lower end of the velocity and acceleration thresholds you significantly reduce the extent of the damage. On average rebuilds can save 71% in spindle repair costs alone.

Running spindles to failure is associated with a range of problems including machine downtime and repair costs. These problems can be mitigated with a practical application of vibration monitoring strategies and a proper reliability maintenance program. The case study highlights a price and performance comparison conducted by BorgWarner regarding vibration monitoring.

Vibration analysis is a proven technology for not only predicting machine failure but also diagnosing the root cause of the failure. Whether you are correcting an issue early or replacing a failed system it’s essential to understand and eliminate the root cause to ensure a long machine life.

In the case study, BorgWarner also utilized a clamp force analysis. By trending and tracking clamp force every month, BorgWarner can determine and predict when the clamp force will be at the threshold for rebuilding the drawbar.

Utilizing clamp force analysis and vibration monitoring, BorgWarner cross analyzed data to gain better insight into their machine’s problems. The results indicated potential spring failure, problems with actuators, gripper arms, or other components. The diagnosis suggested that they needed to conduct a drawbar rebuild.

This study highlighted the importance of applying vibration monitoring strategies and clamp force analysis as predictive tools for proper spindle maintenance and care. Close monitoring and tracking of machine performance data can detect problems early and significantly reduce the extent of damage caused as bearings begin to deteriorate. Early detection of spindle deterioration may necessitate a rebuild instead of a full-unit replacement, which can save tens of thousands of dollars.

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